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Common Times" Weekly Newsletter 12/18-12/20

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Happy Hollidays Wildcat Band Families,

Welcome to the last 3 days of the 2023 fall semester! As I am listening to end of semester playing tests, I am beyond proud of the growth students have achieved since since August. This comes through hard work, dedication and regular out of class practicing. 15% of our students are taking private lessons with several more starting up after the holidays bringing that to 20%. A perfect Christmas gift is to get your student signed up for lessons. The Arkansas Musicworks Conservatory has INCREDIBLE instructors. These weekly lessons focus the needs of the individual student. Is your student having trouble playing at the level they need to? sign then up for lessons. Is their interest in playing waining? Sign them up for lessons. Are they consistently getting great grades, maybe even made all-region? Sign them up for lessons. Lessons are for everyone at every level.

We have a busy Monday this week with the jazz bands going to Ruth Barker Middle School to perform for their lunches followed by a pep rally at WJHS at the end of the day. Students are only able to go to Barker if they have a 70% or higher in all of their classes. Classes have been given some study hall time since the concert and many students got assignments turned, assignments redone, tests retaken and over all grades up!


Tuba families need to make plans now on how to get their student's instrument home over the winter break. 7th Grade tubas can be picked up as early as Monday, December 18th at 10:00am and as late as 4:30pm on Wednesday, December 20th.

All assignments and 8th grade pass offs must be completed by Tuesday, December 19th at 5:00pm. No assignments will be taken after this day.


As we prepare for the holidays, families often want to get music related gifts for their band student. To help offer some great ideas I have created a list with links to purchase.

Included in the list are some required mouthpieces and ligatures that are needed by the time students are in high school. For families that need assistance, the high school can provide required mouthpieces. However, it is always best for a student to have their own.

You can sometimes find good deals on mouthpieces at Just be sure it is the correct model.


Calendar Reminder

Concert Black Reminder - We need to do better on adhering to concert black for the spring concert. Please let me help you find the correct attire if you need assistance. No shorts. No Crocks. No shirts with graphics or text. No Grey pants.

Practice Expectations and Resources

Band Supply Fee Reminder


Please take a few moment to review the information below so you are fully prepared for the week ahead.

This week:

  • Monday -"A" Day (Classes 1-4, Pep Rally)

    • 7:45a - Band Room Opens

    • 8:15a - Load rhythm section equipment on trailer

    • Jazz Band and Advanced Jazz Bands to Ruth Barker

      • Go to 1st period as normal

      • 2nd Period come to band room - load instruments

      • 10:20a - Depart for Barker

      • 10:30a - Unload equipment and setup

      • 11:14a - Begin lunch time performances

      • 12:30p-Load equipment to

      • 12:45p - Return to WJHS

      • 1:00p - Late lunch at WJHS (Dominos Pizza with gluten free options) provided by Mr. Jones

      • 1:40p - Unload trailer and setup in gym

    • 2:15p - 8th Grade band and 7th graders (who want to play in the pep rally) released from class

    • 2:45p - Pep Rally Begins

      • Jazz Band will play 2-3 songs during the Pep Rally

    • Advisory - Flipped to end of day for Pep Rally

    • 4:30p - Band Room Closes

  • Tuesday - "B" Day (Classes 5-7, Priority, 8)

    • 7:45a - Band Room Opens

    • Priority Time - Open Practice

    • 4:30p - Band Room Closes

  • Wednesday - "A" Day (Classes 1-3, Priority, 4th)

    • NO INSTRUMENTS - no students will bring instruments today. Focus is cleaning up the band room for January, finishing assignments for any class, and some holiday fun riddles and games

    • 8:25a - Band Room Opens Late Due to Faculty Meeting

    • Priority - Band Room Clean-up

    • 5:00p - Band Room Closes

      • Last chance for tubas to get instruments home over break

  • Thursday, December 21st-Monday, January 8th


  • Tuesday, January 9th - "B" Day (Classes 5-7, Advisory, 8th)

    • First day of school for 2nd semester


Click the appropriate link(s) to download the app and join our groups (Bands).

8th Grade Families - 

7th Grade Families -

Jazz Band Families -  


PRIVATE LESSONS ARE AWESOME! They are designed to be fun, engaging, supportive

and focused on the individual student.

We have an awesome partnership with Arkansas Music Conservatory where your student can take a lesson or two on US to see what private lessons can do for your band student!

Who should take private lessons:

  • Advanced students who need to be pushed and challenged

  • Students who need some 1-on-1 assistance to learn and master concepts covered in class

  • Students who missed substantial class time due to illness

  • Students who just began playing this year

  • Students who want to get better



To stay in the know be sure to follow us on your social media platform of choice: Facebook or Instagram - @wjhswildcatband and/or at

If you have any questions or concerns, please never hesitate to reach out. We are partners in your student's growth and need to work together for them to be as successful as possible.

Musically Yours,

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