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Parent Meeting Follow-Up

Greetings Wildcat Band Family,

I appreciate your patience with the live stream meeting Thursday evening. I was utilizing a program (OBS) to handle the presentation to "easily" switch between camera and presentation. While the live stream was tested earlier in the day and seemed to work there was a hiccup when I started the live stream for the meeting. I apologize for those who waited for me to "join" and it never began.


For those who haven't viewed the video yet, I highly encourage you to review it at your convenience as there is terrific information to help us all start the year on the same page. You can find the video below:


If you would like to volunteer for:



Required for 8th grade band students and option for 7th grade band students. First semester is a focus on all-region music. 7th graders who want the challenge to push themselves to learn the music are invited to attend.

These will begin the first day of school. Since we are not traveling during priority time the first 2 weeks, Saxophones and Euphoniums will have a flipped sectional via an instructional video in google classroom.


If you need anything and I mean ANYTHING, please never hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to meeting you all at the Open House on August 24th.

It is going to be a FANTASTIC year.

Musically Yours,

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