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"Common Times" Weekly Newsletter 8/16-8/20

Welcome Back Wildcat Band!

It is going to be an AWESOME year and I am excited to meet our 7th graders as well as hit the ground running with our 8th grade band! Since we had the band meeting this past week I will keep this week's newsletter short.

Find and FULLY charge those chromebooks today as they will be used in most classes the first day of school.

8th Grade Band SHOULD bring instruments on Monday as we WILL play.

The 7th grade flute and saxophone class will meet in the band room on Monday with the high brass as Mr. Shewmaker is needed at BHS on the first day.

Jazz Band students SHOULD bring instrument on Tuesday as we WILL play.

7th grade band students will begin bringing instruments on Wednesday for class.

All-Region Sectionals

Begin this week. These are required for 8th grade band students and optional for 7th grade band. We do have a couple of modifications due to the school schedule the first 2 weeks as well as a scheduling conflict with marching band. Saxophones and Euphoniums will have flipped sectionals the first 2 weeks of school because students won't be traveling during priority time. A flipped sectional is a brief recorded lesson students need to complete by the following week. These videos will be posted by the end of the day of the scheduled sectional. Percussion and trombones will alternate flipped sectionals until the end of the Bentonville Pride's Marching Band Season. This week, percussion will be flipped and trombones will be in person. The following week trombones will be flipped and percussion will be in person.

Our fall apparel store is now open until September 3rd. After the 3rd I CANNOT reopen the store.

There are NO required items for students here. The required band t-shirt for 8th grade band/pep band was ordered at the end of August rehearsals and will be in the second week of school.

To order, click the image to the left.

If you missed the band parent meeting video, it can be viewed by clicking here.

To stay in the know be sure to follow us on your social media platform of choice: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - @wjhswildcatband.

Also, our website is full of band-tastic resources for parents and students alike. You can find individual class calendars under each class page. These calendars will auto update with any assignment assigned in google classroom. Find us at

It is going to be an AMAZING year. If you have any questions or concerns, please never hesitate to reach out. We are partners in your student's growth and need to work together for them to be as successful as possible.

Have a terrific first week everyone!

Musically Yours,

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