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"Common Times" Weekly Newsletter 4/17-4/21

Upcoming Events

Greetings Wildcat Band Families,

Thank you to everyone who has reached out with the passing of my grandfather this past week. It means more to me than you could possibly know! #BandFamily

I am incredibly proud of our 8th grade band students. They completed their high school band placement auditions this past week and did so at a high level. All students worked extremely hard in preparation, got better as individuals and turned in some of the highest level of recordings I've heard!! Way to go!! Results will most likely post the first week of May once the Marching Band Auditions conclude. Mr. Hendrix dropped in on our 7th grade clarinet class this past week and was incredibly impressed with our tone and technique. Way to go clarinets! All of our classes are working hard on the spring concert music and will begin to work on our all-region etude for the end of year proficiency this week. Keep growing. Keep getting better. Don't settle for good enough.

This week we have the ACT Aspire testing Tuesday-Friday. PLEASE help your student be successful by getting them to bed early and to school on time each day so they don't have to make up a missed session later in the day/week.

The St. Louis trip is just 12 days away and we can't wait!! To help keep students fed and hydrated during the trip, we are asking for some donations. If you are able, please consider signing up here. Our biggest need is 40 packs of water.

Please be sure to review our calendar for the rest of the semester located here.

7th Grade Families, here is our initial calendar for the 2023-2024 school year. You will see several events on the calendar without dates. These are events we typically participate in but we do not have dates yet. As they come available I will update it.

This quarter the band room will open at 7:45am each day. All students should enter the school through the main doors. The back band room door will not be used as an entrance; it is exit only. Students in the room before school have 2 options: 1) practice current music or 2) work on homework/study/read. Fridays are open for students to just hang out. Students will be reminded once of the procedure. The second time they will be required to go to the commons until the 8:28 bell.

Winter band photos are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase from: They are $10 each and will be available for you to download immediately after purchase.

8th Grade band and Jazz Band, please remember to be making your spring trip payments. Thank you to every

one making payments as we are well on are way to being caught up!! We are currently $527 short to pay our upcoming invoices for the trip. Please remember that these payments are now a week past due.

I am excited to announce a BRAND NEW offering for this June. The Junior High Bands are offering a 1/2 day All-City Summer Band Camp June 12th-16th 8:30a-11:30a. Cost is $75 and includes a camp shirt, daily snack, instruction and a concert at the end of the week. Students who are CURRENTLY in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade are welcome to attend. More information will be available from the district on how to sign up soon! Registration is now OPEN!

Please take a few moment to review the information below so you are fully prepared for the week ahead.

This week:

  • Monday - A Day (Classes 1-4 and Advisory)

    • Band Room opens at 7:45am

    • Band Room closes at 4:00pm

    • Good luck to our Track Team!!!!

  • Tuesday - ACT Aspire Day 1 (Classes 5-8)

    • Band Room opens at 7:45

    • Testing begins at 8:35am. BE ON TIME with charged chromebook.

    • Class Order after testing (6th,7th, 5th,6th,8th - yes, we go to 6th period twice. First time is only 25 minutes)

    • Band Room closes at 4:00pm

    • 8th Grade Percussion Camp at BHS 6:30-9:00pm

  • Wednesday - ACT Aspire Day 2 (Classes 1st-5th)

    • Band Room opens at 7:45

    • Testing begins at 8:35am. BE ON TIME with charged chromebook.

    • Class Order after testing (5th, 3rd,1st,2nd,4th )

    • Band Room closes at 4:00pm

    • Good luck to those in Track going to the 9th grade meet!!!!

  • Thursday - ACT Aspire Day 3 (Classes 5-8)

    • Band Room opens at 7:45

    • Testing begins at 8:35am. BE ON TIME with charged chromebook.

    • Class Order after testing (7th, 5th,6th,8th)

    • Band Room closes at 4:00pm

    • 8th Grade Marching Band Clinic at BHS 4:30-6:00pm

      • White shirt, athletic type pants/shorts, athletic type shoes, bottle of water, positive attitude.

  • Friday -ACT Aspire Day 4 (Classes 1,2,3,4,8)

    • Band Room opens at 7:45

    • Testing begins at 8:35am. BE ON TIME with charged chromebook.

    • Class Order after testing (8th,3rd,1st,2nd,4th)

    • Band Room closes at 4:00pm


Current 8th Grade Band Members

Times will be determined once speaking with XC, Cheer, Dance, Volleyball and Football Coaches so that there aren't any conflicts. Typically, these are 12:30-3:30. For those planning to attend Camp War Eagle, please plan to do one of the early sessions.

July 17th -21st - Mandatory Pride Band Members Music Sectional 1:00p-5:00pm

For full calendar, please see

​July 31st- Low Brass and Low Reeds Sectional (Bass Clarinets, Saxophone, French Horns, Trombones, Euphoniums and Tubas)

July 24th-August 4th - Mandatory Pride Band Members Rehearsal 8:00am-5:00pm

For full calendar, please see

August 1st - High Woodwinds and High Brass Sectional (Flutes, Clarinets and Trumpets)

August 7th-15th - Mandatory Pride Band Members Evening Rehearsals Beginning at 5:00pm. End time varies depending on day.

For full calendar, please see

August 2nd - Percussion Sectional

August 3rd - Full Band Rehearsal

August 4th - Full Band Rehearsal


You can find a complete copy of this year's calendar of events here.


PRIVATE LESSONS ARE AWESOME! They are designed to be fun, engaging, supportive and focused on the individual student.

We have an awesome partnership with Arkansas Music Conservatory where your student can take a lesson or two on US to see what private lessons can do for your band student!

Who should take private lessons:

  • Advanced students who need to be pushed and challenged

  • Students who need some 1-on-1 assistance to learn and master concepts covered in class

  • Students who missed substantial class time due to illness

  • Students who just began playing this year

  • Students who want to get better



To stay in the know be sure to follow us on your social media platform of choice: Facebook or Instagram - @wjhswildcatband and/or at

If you have any questions or concerns, please never hesitate to reach out. We are partners in your student's growth and need to work together for them to be as successful as possible.

Musically Yours,

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