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"Common Times" Weekly Newsletter 2/20-2/24

Upcoming Events

Greetings Wildcat Band Family,

We had a great week of hard work and progress in so many areas! 8th Grade Band's IPA (Instrumental Performance Assessment) literature is coming along quite well! 7th Grade class solos, scales and work on our first spring concert song is continuing to move forward. Please remind your student that band is like any class and that to be prepared they need to spend at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week practicing. Please help them be successful by helping them organize their time outside of the school day. Like Fran Kick says " The more you work at something, the better you are at it. The better you are, the more fun you have. If you don't work at it, you aren't going to be good and if you aren't good at it you won't have fun." Gotta put the work in even when we don't want to so it pays off in the end!

I will be gone on Monday to attend a Memorial Service for my grandmother-in-law. Mr. Pierce has agreed to teach the 7th Grade Low Brass and Jazz Band so classes will go on as normal. Mrs. Miller is my sub again and will help guide 7th grade flute and saxophones and 7th Grade Clarinets. Both of these classes will have 2 recordings due by the end of class. I have 2 extra chromebooks available for students who may have issues with their camera/microphone or theirs is dead. :)

Friday, the pep band will be going to Old High to perform for the 6th grade band students. Band room will open at 7:15. Bus will load at 8:00a. This is not required for 8th grade band members but we do need as many who are available to attend. This IS open to 7th graders. PLEASE fill out this form so I can get you a school business excused absence. This is the list who have already signed up. We are in NEED of more percussion.

8th Grade band will have rehearsal after school this Friday as it has been on our calendar since May. Those in Track who have after school practice on B days will go to track. Everyone else should be in attendance.

8th Grade Band also has Check-In #2 due by 11:59p this Friday. Each school day late is 10% off. There are no makeups once we get 10 school days pass the due date. However, students who turn it in on time can use the feedback received to practice, re record and turn in by March 9th to increase their grade.

8th Grade band and Jazz Band, please remember to be making your spring trip payments. We are currently $9,000 short to pay our upcoming invoices for the trip.

Due to the uncertainty of weather this time of year, we have postponed the instrument step up event to Tuesday, March 14th. If you are in the market to upgrade your student's instrument sooner, you can reach out to Saied and they'd be more than happy to work with you before then.

I am excited to announce a BRAND NEW offering for this June. The Junior High Bands are offering a 1/2 day All-City Summer Band Camp June 12th-16th 8:30a-11:30a. Cost is $75 and includes a camp shirt, daily snack, instruction and a concert at the end of the week. Students who are CURRENTLY in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade are welcome to attend. More information will be available from the district on how to sign up soon!

Please take a few moment to review the information below so you are fully prepared for the week ahead.

This week:

  • Monday - A Day (Classes 1-4 and Advisory)

    • Band Room is NOT AVAILABLE BEFORE SCHOOL. Those that tend to arrive early, please wait until 8:20 to come to the band room. Student aides may setup starting at 8:15am

    • Band Room Closes right after school since Mr. Jones is out

  • Tuesday - B Day (Classes 5-8 and Priority)

    • Band Room opens at 7:30 for students to work on Check in #2

    • 8th Grade Band Rehearsal during Priority Time

    • Band Room until until 4:30 to work on Check in #2

  • Wednesday - A Day (Classes 1-4 and Priority)

    • Band Room opens at 7:30 for students to work on Check in #2

    • Flute sectional during priority time with Mrs. Richardson. Percussion may request via Mr. Jones to join to work on Check in #2.

    • Band Room open 4:30 to work on Check in #2

  • Thursday - B Day (Classes 5-8 and Priority)

    • Band Room opens at 7:30 for students to work on Check in #2

    • Open Band Practice during Priority Time

    • Band Room open 4:30 to work on Check in #2

  • Friday - B Day (Classes 5-8 and Engagement Friday)

    • Band Room opens at 7:15 for students to work on Check in #2

    • Old High Pep Rally

      • 7:15a - Band Room Opens/Load Equipment

      • 8:00a - Load Bus

      • 10:30a - Back in 6th Period

    • Wind Ensemble during engagement Friday

    • 8th Grade Band Rehearsal until 5:00pm

      • Those in track who have practice after school on B days will go to track.


Current 7th Grade Band Members

Current 8th Grade Band Members

Times will be determined once speaking with XC, Cheer, Dance, Volleyball and Football Coaches so that there aren't any conflicts. Typically, these are 12:30-3:30. For those planning to attend Camp War Eagle, please plan to do one of the early sessions.

July 17th - Expected Beginning of Daily Summer Pride Band Rehearsals (only for those who are in the BHS Pride Marching Band or Color Guard. (Could change depending on start of school dates yet to be released.)

​July 31st- Low Brass and Low Reeds Sectional (Bass Clarinets, Saxophone, French Horns, Trombones, Euphoniums and Tubas)

For full calendar, please see

August 1st - High Woodwinds and High Brass Sectional (Flutes, Clarinets and Trumpets)

August 2nd - Percussion Sectional

August 3rd - Full Band Rehearsal

August 4th - Full Band Rehearsal


You can find a complete copy of this year's calendar of events here.


PRIVATE LESSONS ARE AWESOME! They are designed to be fun, engaging, supportive and focused on the individual student.

We have an awesome partnership with Arkansas Music Conservatory where your student can take a lesson or two on US to see what private lessons can do for your band student!

Who should take private lessons:

  • Advanced students who need to be pushed and challenged

  • Students who need some 1-on-1 assistance to learn and master concepts covered in class

  • Students who missed substantial class time due to illness

  • Students who just began playing this year

  • Students who want to get better



To stay in the know be sure to follow us on your social media platform of choice: Facebook or Instagram - @wjhswildcatband and/or at

If you have any questions or concerns, please never hesitate to reach out. We are partners in your student's growth and need to work together for them to be as successful as possible.

Musically Yours,

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