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Common Times" Weekly Newsletter 2/14-2/18

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Greetings Wildcat Band Family,

It was another terrific week of musical and personal growth in all of our classes. There were no assignments due in the 7th grade classes this week as we were finishing Blind Test #2 (graded and in HAC, but please know it is for reference only. The assignment is weighted to zero so it does not impact the grade. Just a reference to how students did playing a short excerpt of concepts taught between November and early January)

8th Grade band has an assignment due on Tuesday that is posted in google classroom.

Grades are 100% up to date with any assignment or practice record turned in by 9:00am Saturday, February 12th. If there is an "N" the student has not turned anything in. A "Z" means they turned something in but it was incomplete. Any assignment (except practice records) can be practiced, re recorded and turned back in for a higher grade before the end of the quarter.

8th Grade Band - please remember that we will have a full band rehearsal on Tuesday 3:45-5:30pm with special guest Mr. Chris Moore, Director of Bands at LJHS!

Percussion WILL have their weekly sectional Wednesday until 4:45.

Stay healthy, stay well and have a band-tastic week!

-Mr. Jones


Homework Assignments this Week

Click the arrow next to a class to expand the homework for the week. Not everything is required to record or turn in for a grade. This is simply a list of items students should be working on during their practice sessions throughout the week to continue growing on their instrument and to be prepared for class.


Student need to complete their weekly practice record consisting of 4 days of practice for 20 minutes each. It is important student complete it correctly and turn it in on time. Practice records will not be accepted more than 1 class day late for credit. Concept Checks and Sectional Assignments will not be accepted more than 2 weeks after the due date for credit. Students who are sick for multiple days are excused from band assignments with a doctor's note turned in to the school for the week they are out.

7th Grade High Winds (1st Period)

8th Grade Band (2nd Period)

7th Grade Low Brass (3rd Period)

7th Grade Clarinets (6th Period)