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Common Times" Weekly Newsletter 1/31-2/4

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Greetings Wildcat Band Family,

It was been a fantastic week of individual and musical growth that was capped off with an AH-MAZING All-Region Honor Bands Clinic and Concert at Bentonville West!

The main focus in classes this past week were were:

  • 7th Grade Brass and Woodwind Classes - Continuing to improve the the Concert Ab (clarinets) and F (all other brass and woodwinds) 2 octaves while sight reading new songs our of our Essential Elements Book #2 and beginning one of our spring concert songs, "High Voltage."

  • 7th Grade Percussion - Percussion Ensemble and more Green Scales

  • 8th Grade Band - Articulation, tuning, flexibility and technical exercises in our new Essential Elements book #3 while turning in our 4th practice record of the year and 3rd sectional assignment.

8th Grade Band will finish sectionals this week following the schedule available below. Flutes, Oboes and Clarinets will be in person Monday until 4:30pm Alto Saxophones, Trumpets and French Horns will be in person Tuesday until 4:30pm Percussion will meet Wednesday until 4:45 Bari Sax, Trombone, Euphonium and Tuba will meet Thursday until 4:30

Beginning Tuesday, February 8th, the 8th Grade Band will have weekly full band rehearsals after school until 5:30. These are required and every student needs to make arrangements to attend. Please remember that regularly scheduled doctor's appointments are not excused. If your student needs help finding a ride home after these rehearsals, this is a great week for them to start talking with friends to carpool home. For our first 3 after school rehearsals we have guest clinicians coming in to work with us on our music so it is vital every student is in attendance with their instrument, music, pencil and a positive attitude ready to work hard! :)

Please remember that if your student is quarantined but not ill they are expected to attend out google meet during their regular class time. Here is the link: Students should plan to join it with their instrument so that they can play along with the class during class times. This to help them stay caught up as per district expectations, they are to get their assignments turned in on time.

On January 31st, there is a mandatory 8th grade band parent and student meeting at the Arend Arts Center beginning at 6:30pm. If at all possible at least 1 parent or guardian and the student should be present. If the student is unable to attend do to another responsibility, it is important for a parent or guardian to be in attendance. We understand that there is a basketball game that evening so if at least one parent or guardian can be in attendance at the meeting, that would be fantastic! Masks and social distancing are highly encouraged for attendees. We are expect approximately 300 in attendance and the Arend seats 1200 so there will be plenty of space for families to space out.

Stay healthy, stay well and have an awesome week!

-Mr. Jones


Homework Assignments this Week

Click the arrow next to a class to expand the homework for the week. Not everything is required to record or turn in for a grade. This is simply a list of items students should be working on during their practice sessions throughout the week to continue growing on their instrument and to be prepared for class.


Student need to complete their weekly practice record consisting of 4 days of practice for 20 minutes each. It is important student complete it correctly and turn it in on time. Practice records will not be accepted more than 1 class day late for credit. Concept Checks and Sectional Assignments will not be accepted more than 2 weeks after the due date for credit. Students who are sick for multiple days are excused from band assignments with a doctor's note turned in to the school for the week they are out.

7th Grade High Winds (1st Period)

8th Grade Band (2nd Period)

7th Grade Low Brass (3rd Period)