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"Common Times" Weekly Newsletter 1/1-1/6

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Happy New Year Wildcat Band Family,

I hope everyone is enjoying time off, getting an opportunity to recharge and connect with friends and family! We've had the opportunity to visit with some of our extended family and help take care of my grandmother-in-law who recently broke her hip, getting her house in order for when she return from rehab in a couple of weeks. We also spent the last several days trying to declutter. It's amazing how much stuff we were trying to store and organize that hasn't been used in years. This was a little harder for Aria but quite therapeutic! As a family, we have decided 2023 is going to be a year based around experiences for time together to make it the best year yet!

I am for sure enjoying my time off, sleeping in, quietish coffee time in the morning but I am excited to get back to teaching music with